5 Places Serving the Best Parathas in Lahore

paratha image

Parathas are a must, not only for Lahoris but also for all the desi people out there. People want to have a new taste of paratha every time, therefore, always try to find some new places. Among hundreds of paratha outlets in Lahore, the top five have been described below:

1. Punj Vehra, Barkat Market

Punj Vehra

If you are in search for a restaurant that can remind you of your sitting in a natural & quiet village environment, Punj Vehra at Barkat market can be the best choice for you. It has a very calm environment with a variety of desi food. You will surely enjoy your sitting under the shady trees and eating delicious parathas with modern touch. They also offer Barbecue and Karahi that can be rated 8 out of 10 for its taste. The restaurant looks like a museum in order to preserve the Punjabi culture.

2. Mashallah Paratha, Mazang

Mashallah Paratha Mazang

You must have heard about the Mazang Paratha in Lahore at least, if not yet tasted. Whether you are living in Lahore or a traveler exploring the paratha places, you must taste the Mashallah parathas at Mazang. These are just delicious and you will surely never forget the unique taste they bring to your taste buds. They used to offer outdoor sitting only but now they have started an indoor sitting also. However, it is not really hygienic and clean. The best part is they are open for the whole night and you can go for an amazing breakfast too.

3. What’ a Paratha

what a paratha image

What’ a paratha is an ideal restaurant that offers a variety of parathas in a modern pizza style. All desi lovers can visit this restaurant to enjoy parathas with modern and unique taste. Their Pizza Paratha and Creamy Chicken Paratha are the best ones I have ever tasted. They expanded their outlets all over in Lahore and you can look for one in your vicinity. However, they revised their prices recently and also dropped some of their excited deals.

4. Down Town Paratha

Down Town Paratha

The “Down Town Paratha” is one of the famous paratha places in Model Town, Lahore. It has been serving yummiest parathas for years and also has started some other food items like shawarma and burgers. If you are a foodie and want to taste different kinds of parathas then you must visit them once. Their place is clean and hygienic.

5. Karachi Paratha Roll, Liberty

Karachi Paratha Roll

If you like Paratha Rolls more than the traditional Parathas, Karachi Paratha Rolls in Liberty can be the best choice ever. Their uniqueness of the taste and the sauce they offer with the rolls is just unbeatable. Sitting area is not really clean as they are still serving from the ages old buildings. A lot of competitors have also started spoiling the unique taste because as soon as you make the turn, a lot of guys will rush to your vehicle shouting we are the originals, we are the originals and can deceive you to order a fake one.