5 Places Where You Can Enjoy the Best Tandoori Chai in Lahore

5 cafes offering the best tandoori chai in lahore

If you are a true Chai and qawali lover, you will keep looking for a place where you can enjoy the best Chai while enjoying the background Qawali as well. A chaye lover can compromise on tens of things in everyday life, but can never compromise on the quality and taste of the Chaye. I tried several famous places in Lahore to taste their Tandoori Chai and here I’m listing the best 5 of them for all the Chaye Qawali lovers out there.

1. Sarrak Pe Karrak

Sarrak Pe Karrak - chaye and qawali

Sarrak pe Karrak is a modern kind of Chai Dhaba but with the old truck adda theme, therefore, liked by every tea lover. It’s probably the first Karachi Dhaba experience offered in Lahore with groovy music and fun artwork. It offers you a variety of chai along with parathas and bun kababs. This place is not only suitable for the friendly meetups but also for family gatherings. Moreover, the taste of its tandoori chai is just unforgettable. It cost you Rs. 200 for one cup of tandoori chai, probably the most expensive in its kind.

2. Chaye Qawali

Chaye Qawali

Chaye Qawali is one of the best outdoor cafes for chai, located on Khayaban-e-Firdousi in Johar Town. The name implies that it offers its customers a perfect combo of Tandoori Chaye and live qawwali. They offer a long menu with some unique items like, Gulab Jamons as well. Sitting is good and parking is also available outside the cafe. It’s quite a good place for friendly gathering and chit chat, however, the environment was badly affected by smokers.

3. Cafe Kahani – Tandoori Chai at its best

Cafe Kahani tandoori chaye and live qawali

Cafe Kahani is a good place for hangouts with friends. The cafe is famous for its beautiful and eye-catching ambiance. They also offer live qawwali music which can be rated as above average. They have special sitting under hut roofs and the environment is very chill. You can also get fries, sandwiches, burgers, etc to enhance the taste of tandoori chai.

4. Cup Shup

Cup Shup

Longing for the best tea taste and pasta? You must visit Cup Shup at least for once and you will surely love the taste and its ambiance. The environment is peaceful but can get a little rushy sometimes. It is an open-air cafe with enough car parking. Along with Chai, I also tried Alfredo Pasta and Plain fries, and the taste was good enough justifying the rates. Alfredo Pasta was offered for Rs. 399 and I can rate it 9 out of 10. It was delicious, creamy and full of flavor. Good quantity of grilled Chicken really added to its taste.

5. T2 – Tea & Tandoor

T2 Tea n Tandoor tandoori chaye

T2 – Tea & Tandoor is located at the opposite of Shaukat Khanum near Raja Sahib. It makes its place in the list due to its quality and taste of food. It’s rather a small cafe for families and offers outdoor sitting for bachelors as well. As the name implies, you can order other tandoori items from them as well. They offer premium naans and parathas and tandoori shawarmas also. I just love their Tandoori Shawara with extra cheese which is really very yummy. It costs around Rs. 130 per Tandoori Shawarma with extra cheese added.

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