7 Genius Gadgets You Never Knew You Always Wanted

7 genius gadgets

This era of generation is mostly known as the “internet generation”. Technology has intervened in everyone’s life and today imagining to stay without technology seems to be impossible. Since, we are fully dependent on technology and more and more advanced gadgets are being introduced every second, there are several gadgets that you never knew you always wanted to live your life hassle free. We have picked some genius gadgets out of the extensive list for you:

Scanning Pens

scanning pens image

An impeccable gadget that frees you from writing all the important points you read from your textbook, newspapers etc. whichever text seems important to you scan that with the pen and it will be loaded into your computer. easy as 1,2,3!

Aqua Notes

aqua notes image

This would be a lifesaver gadget for those who get brilliant ideas while having a shower. Well guys, whom so ever is a good thinker while having a shower and wants it to get it jotted down, aqua notes are made for you!

Bag Re-Sealer

bag resealer image

Having your favorite snack? And want to keep it fresh to eat it later? Well now, it’s possible by the help of bag re-sealer gadget. It enables us to seal the bag and as a result it retains its freshness so you can have the exact same taste as it had when you opened it.


digitsole image

This gadget is a tremendous life hack for the people who walk a lot. Tired of feeling the heat built up on your feet while vigorously walking? Well digitsole is made for you guys. This gadget is designed in a unique way that keeps the temperature inside your shoes at optimum level making you feel light and delightful. Moreover, it also informs the amount of calories’ burnt during walking, running etc.

Golf Board

golfboard image

All you golfers out there who are tired of holding your things. The golf board will make your life easier than you can imagine. It has optimum amount of space to keep your golf belongings there and you can easily ride that to move from one place to another on the golf course without the hassle of picking everything up each time.

Blue Smart

blue smart bag image

Another gadget that has made life tension free! There are times when you are travelling and you are afraid of your luggage being stolen or misplaced. Well bluesmart has the solution for you. It enables you to lock and unlock luggage via your Smartphone. Bluesmart also has an integrated GPS embedded in it, which at all times gives you the exact location of where your luggage is.

Built-in iPhone Case Projector

iphone case projector image

This gadget turns your iPhone into a projector and it also comes with a high quality built-in speaker.This case is necessary have for all the high tech business tycoons. It provides an all time approach to deal with all the instant meetings without the requirement of any prior setups.

Well, these were some of the gadgets that has made many lives easy and it is the time for you to get these gadgets and add their immense benefits to your lives.