7 Roles From Pakistani Dramas You’re Never Gonna Forget

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We always get attached to various roles from Pakistani dramas that we are never gonna forget. The credit of almost every popular drama serial goes to some specific characters in it who work hard and try to push their souls in the roles.  They are just hard to forget!
Here is the list of 7 roles from recent Pakistani dramas that can define the popularity of the Pakistani drama industry and have a special place in our hearts since the time they went on air to date:

Imran Ashraf as Bhola (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi):

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In the drama serial “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”, Imran Ashraf has played the role of Bhola who is unable to understand the things properly. The psychology of a mentally disturbed person has been shown through the character of Bhola. This character got so much popularity as soon as it went on air. It was the drama that took his fame to just another level. This role got popularity not only due to the fact that everyone should understand the mentally disturbed persons but also due to the portrayal of a mentally ill person’s journey in an astonishing way. It is worthy to say that Imran has played this role in a way that no one can ever forget.

Sanam Saeed as Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar Hai):

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The role of Sanam Saeed in “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” is just worth watching. She has played the role of a girl who has so many responsibilities on her shoulders. Not only the role & dialogues are powerful but also her amazing acting skills that have given a life to the role. In this character, she isn’t always happy due to her responsibilities but still manages to do everything for her family. That role is just an inspiration for most of the girls out there. Everyone loved it and will always keep loving it.

Maya Ali as Mannu (Mann Mayal):

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The drama serial “Mann Mayal” is actually a love story between Maya Ali as Mannu or Minahil and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Sallu. Mannu is a character of a simple and naughty girl who belongs to a rich family. The character got transformation from being naughty and amateur to a mature girl. Her conversation and the deep expressions are the factors that made everyone fall for this drama, especially the character of Mannu. Her dialogues always started as Hai Allah! And the dialogue delivery was just amazing.

Yumna Zaidi as Hajra (Inkaar):

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Yumna Zaidi has played the role of Hajra in drama serial Inkaar. This drama starts from a scene that a girl said “No!” to a powerful and corrupt landlord when he proposed her. The rest is the story of Hajra’s journey. She was an energetic and positive girl who get transformed into a frightened and detached person. In the end, she wins due to her will and the support of his father and husband. The acting of Yumna Zaidi is just amazing as she did justice to her role. Her acting and dialogues just seemed realistic. Because of the amazing acting skills and the story line, no one can ever forget her expressions and this character.

Sajal Ali as Zobia (Yakeen Ka Safar):

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Yakeen ka Safar is a drama serial based on the journey of a girl who did wrong mistakenly. The role of Zobia has been played by Sajal Ali and it is just eye-watering. The journey is of a girl who did something wrong mistakenly at an early age and then turned her path from wrong to the right. For this, she has to do a lot of struggle and she faced everything with a strong heart. The story ended well with her marriage to an innocent and soft-hearten person as a reward of her goodness.

Ahsan Ali Khan as Imtiaz (Udaari):

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Almost all of us have seen the character of Imtiaz, played by Ahsan Ali Khan. It is actually the character of a villain. It would be a challenge for any actor but Ahsan performed it in such an amazing manner that everyone became the fan of his acting. The character is such awful that it demanded a lot of struggle and Ahsan did it very well. One can understand the negativity of an evil mind by seeing this character.

Zahid Ahmed as Hadi (Zara Yaad Kar):

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The drama serial “Zara Yaad Kar” is based on the different perspectives of love stories, relationships, and marriage. The central character is that of Zahid Ahmed as Hadi. He has an impeccable character, broad-mindedness, and encouragement. It is actually a strong character and the path, he takes is just inspiring for many men. Any couple going through some misunderstandings or relationship complications, can get a lot of lessons from this drama serial and men can follow the path of Hadi to spend a great life together. The role gave inspiration to everyone.