7 Underrated Places You Must Visit in Bahawalpur

noor mahal bahawalpur feature image

Bahawalpur is an underrated gem of Pakistan’s beauty while counting the travelling places in Pakistan. The city has many places that are worth watching but are often ignored by most of us. Even when Pakistani people visit this city themselves, there are some places that are always underrated including Bahawalpur Museum, Abbasi Mosque, Al-Sadiq Mosque, Laal Sohanra National Park, Central Library, the Gates of Bahawalpur and Rangeela Bazar.

1. Bahawalpur Museum

museum of bahawalpur

Here comes the Bahawalpur Museum, established in 1976 and is now under the supervision of Bahawalpur District Government. In this historical museum, there have been displayed astonishing pieces of calligraphy & artifacts from Cholistan, Harappa, and Moenjodaro. The museum is situated at a distance of less than 1km southeast from the famous, Farid Gate.

2. Abbasi Mosque, a replica of Moti Mosque in Delhi, India

abbasi mosque bahawalpur, a replica of moti mosque in Delhi

If you have ever travelled through Bahawalpur and didn’t visit Abbasi Mosque then you will regret and surely want to visit the city again. It is a historical mosque, built with white marble and cupolas by Nawab Bahawal Khan in 1849. The mosque is rich in historical artifacts and has 3 domes and 4 minarets. Moreover, it is the exact copy of the Moti Mosque in Delhi, India. A must place to visit.

3. Al-Sadiq Mosque

al_sadiq mosque bahawalpur

The foundation stone of the Al-Sadiq Mosque was lai down about 200 years ago by Noor Muhammad Maharvi, a Great Sufi of Chishtia and renovation was done just before the partition by Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. The mosque is just fascinating when it comes to its history and architectural design. Situated in heart of the central bazaar area is a must visiting place whenever you visit Bahawalpur.

4. Laal Sohanra National Park

lal sohanra national park

Laal Sohanra is one of the largest South Asia’s National Parks. Its diversity like the forest, desert and wetland ecosystem makes it a unique place to visit. You will surely feel light as a leaf during your visit to this park. The park helps everyone to recognize how beautiful nature is and observe it in its purest form. It is a UNESCO declared a biosphere reserve.