9 Qawwalis that Will Make You a Die Hard Fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

nusrat fateh ali khan image

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is considered as the King of Qawwali music. His music compositions and the way he recites the ghazals gave a whole new life to the Qawwali industry. His voice can be regarded as the greatest gift from Almighty to the music industry. Every single qawwali from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a master piece, however, we have listed down nine of his rare qawwalis that will make you a die hard fan of NFAK.

1. Tere Darwaze pe Chilman Nahin Dekhi Jati

Chilman means a curtain and from Darwaza the poet is referring to door of the heart of his beloved. This qawwali will make you feel the intense pain a person goes through when his/her beloved is unable to understand the love. The lines are actually requests from the person to his/her beloved while the poet tries to explain the situation s/he is going through. The following lines sum everything up:

“Be’hijaabana Milo Ham se Ye Parda Kesa
Band Doli Main Suhaagan Nahin Dekhi Jati…”

2. Teri Yaad Ibadat Meri

This Qawwali explains the love for Almighty from the heart of a Descant (Darwaish). The voice and style of Nusrat add a new life to the lines of this beautifully written kalaam. The qawwali ends at the following lines explaining the grandeur of beloved:

“Shaan Sajna di Pasha Ji Ucheri,
Main Hanjuan di Karan Tasbi…”
translates as
“Grandeur of beloved is exhalted,
Tears have become my rosary.”

3. Sir Jhukaya to Pathar Sanam Ban Gaye

The rhythm of this qawwali will take you to a world of imagination where a person talks about the heart of his beloved and explains the situation where his endless love has turned it to a heart of stone.

“Rashq Karta Hai Kaaba Mere Kufr Per
Main ne Jic But ko Pooja Khuda Ho Gaya…”