5 Scenes from Khuda Aur Muhabbat that will Push You to Watch it again

Via Har Pal Geo

Khuda Aur Muhabbat, a drama that is based on a novel with the same name, written by Hashim Nadeem. The drama is a beautiful and heart-touching story of love and faith. People can never forget the amazing story of this drama serial. It is no doubt that this drama is full of valuable dialogues and worth-watching scenes but here are the top five scenes that will push you to watch it again:

Hammad’s Personality Transformation Journey:

Via Har Pal Geo

Imran Abbas has played the role of Hammad and did it in an amazing way. The very first best scene of this drama includes the eye-crossing of Imaan and Hammad in a party that was arranged to express the happiness of Sunny for the completion of Quran Pak. It is actually a story of first-sight love. At this party, Hammad sees Imaan when she and her sister Haya were offering prayer. Both Hammad and Imaan were absolutely different from each other, not only in status but also in personality. Here starts the journey of Hammad’s personality transformation. His expressions when he watches Imaan offering her prayer were just worth-watching. 

Meetup of Hammad and Imaan in Study Room:

Via Har Pal Geo

After seeing Imaan once, Hammad was just anxious about meeting with her again. In this regard, he talks with Nighat, a mutual friend of both Hammad and Imaan. He requests her to arrange their meeting and then she makes a plan of inviting Imaan to the study room of Hammad as she loves to read books. In this scenario, Hammad suddenly enters the study room when Imaan was turning the pages of a book. The book along with the two pearls falls off from her hands on the sudden arrival of Hammad. After she went from there, he picks up the book and also the pearls.

Hammad offering proposal of Imaan before her father:

Via Har Pal Geo

Hammad was totally in love with Imaan, not physically but spiritually. He goes directly to her father and asks about her proposal. Imaan’s father gets shocked by the proposal and shouts on him badly. He reacts in a very humiliating tone. His sayings and tone were clearly showing his pride as he was a true follower of religion. In response, Hammad says that there is no difference between his family and Imaan’s family as his family is proud of its money while Imaan’s family is proud of its grip on religion. The exchange of dialogues between Imaan’s father and Hammad were just heart touching.

Last meeting of Imaan and Hammad:

Via Har Pal Geo

In this amazing scene, Imaan comes to meet Hammad so as to fulfill his long-lasting wish. At the start, Hammad has given the pearls to Imaan with the help of Nighat and said that I am waiting for Imaan to meet me for returning these pearls. He said that if my love is true, she will surely come. In the end, Imaan comes and requests him to make a promise of returning back to his own family. He agrees and expresses his happiness of this meetup to her. He expresses that it was the most beautiful moment of his life to have a sight of Imaan and the most beautiful experience to fall in love with her.

Death Scene of Imaan:

Via Har Pal Geo

In this very last scene, Imaan dies in front of her father, her cousin Abdullah and Hammad. It is the best scene ever as it is among the most emotional scene of this drama serial. Imaan was suffering from a serious illness for the past few days but as soon as she sees Hammad, she gives her breaths in just a few minutes. Hammad was shocked to see the death of Imaan. His love was just leaving this mortal world but he can do nothing at all to save her life. It is just a heart-rending scene for every viewer.

Muhabbat Mein Zidd Nahi Hoti, Muhabbat To Hathyar Daal Deny Ka Naam Hai

All these scenes and the characters of Imaan and Hammad will make everyone fall in love with this drama serial. This beautiful blend of romance and faith is just amazing and everyone will surely have a desire to see this drama again and again.