Seven things you should not say to a person with anxiety

Middle-aged people are found to be the most anxious beings. Anxiety is a feeling of heart pounding through your chest, your hands getting colder by the time your heart starts to beat faster. All these symptoms are referred to a person being caught in the state of anxiety.

According to a report, it has been stated that anxiety hit’s over a million people in every two years. There are multiple disorders’ that a person may be induced with if he or she is suffering from anxiety.

A person who is anxious is mostly likely to be crappy and peevish this is mainly because they are in the most struggling phase of their life and have zero experience in how to deal with the problems they face.

Well, if you have a friend ,a partner or anyone in your social circle who you depict to be anxious ,well here are some things you should NEVER say to them.

Are you okay?

 Nope, not at all this will be some sort of trigger point for them. They will get peevish and will eventually start to avoid you. Well guys, if you accidently ask them this then be prepared to be a mood spoiler for the evening.

You don’t understand

This is another turn off for anxious people. Since they put in their efforts in trying to learn and understand different things that are happening in their surroundings. The best way to deal with this is to try to explain them in a way they don’t realize that they are being corrected.

Go and get a life

This is a major NO! Since this sentence will affect them horrifically. They already are in a mess according to them. This would be a cherry on the top; to say to get a life they would take this piece of statement under serious consideration.

You should mind your own business

People who are a victim of anxiousness’ their brains work differently they like that everything that comes in their way or the person they meet should be simple and easy to talk. So try to stay simple with them light and cheerful talks are the best.

 It’s all in your head

According to cosmopolitans an anxious person’s brain works differently, they are under pressure all the time so asking them that how they react to things are in their head would worsen their situation.

I know how you feel

“To put yourself in their shoes” is a quiet famous saying. Telling anxious people in order to comfort them that you know how they feel would not help at all since they would be a strong believer of the fact that no one can understand what they are going through, the oceans of feelings that they have to swim through.

You should meditate

Telling them to meditate won’t help rather they will question you of being the one who understood them. They will be reluctant in asking you for help or suggestions. So it would be better to buck them up in what they are aiming for and give them a better outlook on life.

So ladies and gentlemen here were some of the pro tips that would save you from getting misunderstood by the anxious freaks in your life. So next time you meet a person with anxiety make sure not to say any of these!